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We make tree care look easy, but it's not, which is why you should hire us.

Let's face it, tree care in Lexington is a lot of work, especially if you have many trees and shrubs to maintain. Keeping trees healthy and beautiful is what our company thrives on. When you don't have time to trim the hedges, our professionals do it for you!

We only use the best tools and equipment the industry has to offer, so you never have to worry about a shoddy job. Plus, our tree care specialists have years of experience maintaining hundreds of tree and plant species, and they exactly what and what not to do to them.

Did we mention that our prices are the most competitive in Lexington, KY? Great tree care should never drain your bank account. All of our services are available to residential and commercial customers. Get in touch with our Lexington tree service team today for a FREE estimate.

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Our Lexington Tree Care Services are Top-Notch!

Tree Care in Lexington Includes Professional Trimming Services

Professional trimming is a way to keep your trees healthy and growing in the right direction. Our team feels that tree trimming and pruning in Lexington are among the most important things any residential or commercial property owner can do for their landscape.

Now, if you love your leafy friends and the way they make your yard look, we implore you to hire a professional company like ours to do the trimming. Going at it with the shears yourself puts your trees at risk for irreversible damages that can result in their demise, not to mention, they might look a little funny.

Our arborists have a deep understanding of tree biology, which allows them to trim accurately and precisely. We will masterfully remove deadwood and aesthetically shapes limbs and branches to look well-manicured. So, what do you say? Ready to give our team a shot with your trees? We won't let you down.

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Great Tree Care Begins With Experienced Pruners

Trimming and pruning are almost identical practices, but pruning typically occurs during the late fall and early spring. Just like trimming, tree pruning should only be performed by a licensed and experienced arborist who understands many types of trees and how to prune them without going overboard and damaging their delicate branches.

Did you know that dormant pruning in the late fall and winter helps save time and keeps your trees free from disease? It's important to prune your trees at the right time to avoid problems, and fortunately, our technicians know exactly when those times are. We offer different tree pruning techniques for varying species like fruit trees.

Our Lexington arborists have experience pruning oak trees and young trees-two of the most complex jobs. Get in touch now for a FREE pruning estimate.

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Artfully Shaping Your Lexington Trees

Tree care in Lexington isn't all about the health of your trees; it's about making them look great! We offer impressive tree shaping services that transform your trees and shrubs into works of art. Our expert tree shapers use various tools to give your bushes a perfect look.

Check out the gallery to see some of our featured work. You're going to be amazed at how breathtaking we've made the trees in Lexington look. Our tree shaping services are available to both commercial and residential customers.

We can put you on a recurring service schedule so that you never have to worry about your trees need a hair cut again. Our prices are always affordable. Call or email our bonded & insured technicians now!

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The Right Tree in the Right Place -Planting & Transplanting Services

Proper tree planting in Lexington is key to ensuring your trees' health and longevity and how they grow. Before our professional arborist's plant or transplant trees to your commercial or residential property, they'll evaluate things like:

  • Local weather patterns
  • Regional vermin & common illnesses among the foliage
  • Condition of the soil
  • Available space

You can rest assured that our ISA arborist knows the right time to plant and transplant your trees and which species will successfully grow in the Lexington, Kentucky climate. Are you ready for your tree planting assessment? Contact us today.

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Shrub Trimming is Part of Our Lexington Tree Care Package

Shrub trimming in Lexington performed by licensed, and professional tree care technicians promote healthy growth and gorgeous, dense foliage. We know you want full, lush shrubs in front of your home or business, and with our services, that's exactly what you'll get.

See, we don't just focus on the shrub's exterior surface. That's a common mistake that many DIYers and inexperienced arborists make. When the inner layers of your shrub don't get enough natural sunlight, it can fall prey to "hollow shrub" syndrome and start to die way before its time.

Our shrub pruning service ensures your shrubs look uniform, grow healthily, and live a long time. To learn more about shrub care, please check out our blog.

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Extreme Tree Care: Cabling & Bracing in Lexington, Kentucky

As a tree gets older and bigger, its trunk can begin to weaken, making it a hazard to surrounding buildings, pets, and people. However, you may not want to part with the tree by cutting it down, especially if it is still alive, healthy, and thriving. Bracing and cabling can fix the problem by supporting the tree and angling it away from your property.

What our arborists will do is install flexible cables and rigid bracing rods to stabilize weak branches, balance out structural stress, and adjust split limbs or trunks. If the tree is mature, the canopy can put a lot of stress on the trunk, especially after rainstorms and snow due to wet, heavy foliage.

Cabling also addresses the issues that low-hanging branches cause by lifting them up and out of the way. If you're interested in this service, contact us so we can help you decide if cabling and bracing is a good fit.

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Got a Sick Tree? We've Got a Disease Treatment

Just like people, trees get sick with infections, funguses, and bacteria. Instead of going to the doctor, your tree needs to be seen by an experienced arborist who can identify the illness and prescribe the right treatment.

Our approach to your tree's treatment plan involves regional pests, local weather patterns, the impacts of climate on the tree, and your landscape's overall condition. Upon arrival, our professional arborist will inspect your tree from the ground up, making sure we do not miss any signs or symptoms of a disease.

Once the assessment is finished, we'll devise a treatment plan based on our findings, which sometimes frequent monitoring to ensure your tree stays on the road to recovery. We've got a customized treatment plan waiting for your trees. Call us now to schedule a FREE estimate.

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