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Stump Grinding Lexington - Our Work is Always Spirited

It's true! Our arborists give 110% in everything they do, including stump grinding Lexington. We use the best tools and equipment the industry offers so that our stump removal services are quick, effective, and neat. In addition, you'll never be left with a dangerous, unsightly hole in your yard, as we always backfill the area with soil once we remove your stump.

In addition to stump grinding, our machines take away underground and above-ground root systems. That's an essential maneuver, as roots left in the ground will produce another tree. Since 2012, Lexington Tree Cutting & Trimming Services has provided exceptional stump grinding and more to the local area.

We work with residential and commercial customers to keep their landscapes looking beautiful through the professional tree and shrub care. When trees require removal, we'll do the job entirely by removing the stump and roots, so you aren't left with an unsafe, ugly lawn. We invite you to call or email our staff today to learn more about what we do or schedule a FREE consultation.

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Professional Stump Grinding Services Make Landscapes Safer

It's incredible what our stump grinding machine in Lexington, Kentucky, can do! Many years ago, we had to remove stump and root systems using a chain and someone's truck. Boy, have times changed! Now the process is streamlined and leaves landscapes looking much nicer and safe. Here are some other benefits to ponder:

  • Increases Property Value - No potential buyer wants to purchase a property filled with old tree stumps. However, your property value increases as soon as the stumps are removed.
  • Create More Space - Have you wanted to expand your garden, add a pathway, or set up a swimming pool? Unfortunately, you can't do any of that without stump grinding.
  • Eco-Friendly: Of all the ways to remove stumps grinding is the most earth-safe. Chemical stump removal is hazardous, harms the surrounding plants, and can even poison animals.
  • No Tree Regrowth - Chances are, you cut down a tree because you no longer wanted it. Leaving the stump and roots behind ensures that another one will grow in its place.
  • Accident Prevention - Stumps and above-ground roots can cause damage to lawnmowers and weedwhackers and pose trip & fall hazards to humans and pets.

Stump grinding is simply part of the tree removal service. You can count on our crew to complete the job according to your specifications. We always go above and beyond for our valued customers. Are you interested in scheduling an appointment? Give us a call!

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Those Stumps Have to Go! Call Us for Tree Services

Did you know that there are different methods of stump grinding? When the job is significant, we'll typically break out the industrial grinder, but the hand-held stump grinder in Lexington, KY, will suffice for smaller projects. Whichever technique we use, one thing is sure: the job will get finished right the first time.

The most important thing is that you have the stumps removed quickly. As we've mentioned, stumps devalue property, are hazardous and take up space in your yard. However, once those stumps are gone, you can install a gazebo, place a swing set, or even plant a flower garden. The possibilities are endless.

Business owners are encouraged to remove stumps on the double because should a customer trip over one, you'll be held liable, and that's never a good time. So do the right thing and schedule your stump grinding service right now!

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Looking for Stump Grinding in Lexington, KY? We've Got You!

Stump grinding is part of our tree care and removal protocol. It's a service we've perfected over the last decade. As a result, our customers are always satisfied with our services, which is why we have excellent ratings online. Your experience with us is guaranteed to be stellar, no matter what service you're having.

As professional arborists, you can count on the best tree and shrub care in the Lexington area. From our state-of-the-art equipment to time-tested techniques, your landscape will look beautiful when we're on the scene. We do our best by removing trees and stumps and providing intricate care for those that remain.



See what our customers have to say:
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"The Lexington Tree Service company did a great job! We had numerous small trees and shrubs we needed removed in the front yard. They gave us an affordable quote over the phone and provided same-week removal services. Very professional and quick to respond throughout the process. Would definitely recommend!"
- Paul M.

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