Affordable Limb & Tree Branch Removal in Lexington

Tailored Tree Branch Removal in Lexington that Meets Your Needs

Are you tired of wondering when those sinister tree limbs will finally poke their way into your siding? With professional tree branch removal in Lexington, your fears can be put at ease. Our company offers high-quality tree care services that stop out-of-control branches in their tracks.

We go a step beyond trimming and altogether remove the branch so that it takes decades to regrow. You'll still have the beauty of your tree intact. As a company with years of experience, you can count on us for a job well done 100% of the time.

By using tools and equipment that ensure the safety of our team, and your trees and property, we get the job done efficiently without any adverse incidences. We set specific goals for your trees so that they'll grow with health, beauty, and away from your property and power lines. Are you ready to get started with tree removal in Andover? Give us a call right now to schedule an appointment.

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Beneficial Reasons to Have Pro Tree Branch Removal

In terms of tree limb removal in Lexington, KY, we feel going pro is the best way to go! There are intricate methods and special equipment needed to get the job done thoroughly. The benefits that you, the home or business owner, will reap:

  • Dead Branches are Dangerous - When you have dead or partially dead branches hanging from your trees, they can easily break off and fall. It might occur during a wind storm or on a still, sunny day. Dead branches can be unpredictable, so it's best to have them removed ASAP.
  • Prevents Damages - Having a tree branch crash onto your roof or jab into your siding can cause a lot of costly damages. The same goes for tree limbs that get intertwined in power lines—removing the branches remedies the problem.
  • Increases Curb Appeal - When you have a tree with gnarly branches outside of your home or office it can make your property appear disorganized and unwelcoming. We can change all of that in a few moments.
  • Boosts Free Space - Do you have a tree growing too close to your home or outbuildings, but you don't necessarily want to cut the entire thing down? Removing a few branches will fix the issue and give you much more space.
  • Improves Tree Health - Taking away a branch or two, especially when they're dead or diseased, enhances the overall health of the tree and surrounding plant life.

As you can see, tree branch and limb removal services are a necessity in Lexington. Are you ready to schedule your FREE consultation and estimate?

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Should Tree Branch Removal in Lexington, Kentucky Wait?

When it comes to large tree branch removal in Lexington, the procedure shouldn't be put off. Many problems can arise when tree limbs become overgrown, diseased, or die. We've seen dangling tree branches that have fallen and hit vehicles, smashed onto roofs, and even harmed people and animals.

You do not want any of that happening on your property. Should a tree branch fall onto your home, it can cost thousands of dollars in damages.

Year after year, homeowners wish they would have just had their tree branches dealt with but instead, they waited, and now they are stuck with repair costs. The good news is our team is available 24/7 for emergency branch removal. You can reach us in a variety of ways that suit your needs best.

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Lexington's BEST Tree Branch Removal Service!

We at Lexington Tree Cutting & Trimming Services are dedicated to the safety and satisfaction of our customers. When you have domineering tree branches that need to be removed, we're the crew for the job. Having been in business since 2012, you can fully trust our expertise. Over the years, we've learned many tips and tricks of the trade that have proven to be time-tested and reliable.

All of our equipment and tools are top-notch and powerful so that the job gets done quickly. You can call us any time, day or night, when you're having trouble with tree branches that are threatening to fall. Remember, removing tree limbs is far more affordable than repairing damaged property.



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"The Lexington Tree Service company did a great job! We had numerous small trees and shrubs we needed removed in the front yard. They gave us an affordable quote over the phone and provided same-week removal services. Very professional and quick to respond throughout the process. Would definitely recommend!"
- Paul M.

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