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We understand that tree cutting in Lexington has gotten a bad rep. However, sometimes this service is absolutely essential for environmental health. Like you, we enjoy trees, and our principal proclamation is to keep them healthy and looking great.

Unfortunately, due to overcrowding, disease, and infestation, some trees simply need to be cut down to preserve the health of other trees and foliage. Since 2012, our company has been in the tree care business. We only employ certified arborists and tree specialists with experience.

Our staff genuinely cares about your trees, but they also care about your safety and the integrity of your property. When a tree threatens to fall down or has limbs growing too close for comfort towards your electrical wires, an intervention must occur.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, we invite you to call our team for a no-cost consultation. We'll assess your tree(s) and make recommendations that work for you.

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How Does Cutting Down Trees Help the Environment?

Chopping down trees in Lexington neighborhoods almost sounds counterproductive to keeping the ecosystem healthy and robust. So we understand your apprehensions about the tree service. However, there are actually many benefits that accompany tree cutting when done appropriately and at the right time:

  • Falling Tree Hazards - Some trees are old and have hollowed-out trunks, which put them at risk of falling onto your property or unsuspecting humans. Not good! That is a perfect incidence when a tree must come down.
  • Diseases & Infestations - Just like humans and animals, trees can become infected with diseases. If not treated quickly, the infection can spread to other trees. Unfortunately, many tree diseases are untreatable, and the only way to snuff out the problem is through removal.
  • Tree Regeneration - All trees require open air, water, and sunlight. When overcrowding occurs, certain trees are depleted of those elements. The best way to solve the problem is through culling. Cutting down a few trees versus losing them all to lack of nutrients makes far more sense.

We hope you understand that our reasons for cutting down certain trees are admirable. Do you have trees causing problems on your property, and you need them cut down? We are happy to help you with that. Please get in touch with us through our easy and convenient online service form.

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Don't Wait Before it's too Late! Tree Cutting is Often Necessary for Safety

You might be smitten by that old oak tree in your backyard and not want to initiate Lexington tree cutting services, and we totally understand. However, if the tree is hollow, has dead branches, and is threatening to topple over at any moment, it is in your best interest to seek out professional removal services immediately.

You never know when a dead or diseased tree is going to stand tall for the last time. It could be when your car is parked beneath it or when your pet is seeking shade. We ask that you don't take a gamble on your safety and wait to have an uncertain ree removed.

After an assessment, it might be determined that only parts of the tree need to be cut and not the whole thing. In cases where branches are growing too close to buildings or power lines, we can simply trim them back.

You see? You do have options! Check out our frequently updated blog to learn more about our expert tree cutting service.

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We're There for Prompt Lexington Tree Care! - Our Company is ACE!

Whether your tree is sick, old, or you simply don't want it in your yard anymore, our arborists are ready to handle the situation using high-quality tools. Our team is all about safety, so we never use faulty equipment when on the job.

We're fully licensed and insured and make certain to adhere to all state and local arborist regulations. One thing we want you to know is that we always clean up our mess. So you'll never be left with a gigantic tree lying in your yard.

In fact, doing so leads to many safety hazards and problems like small animals taking up residence in the foliage. We'll gladly cut up the tree and haul it away for you. What about the stump? We offer top-notch stump grinding services that leave your yard looking fantastic.

If you would like to keep your wood, just let us know, and we'll cut it and make it manageable for you to stack. Our top priority is 100% customer satisfaction!



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