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Maintaining your own trees and shrubs on your business property can be next to impossible. From not having the time, tools, and experience, how is a business owner supposed to make it all work? You call our team for prompt commercial tree services in Lexington, KY. We offer everything from planting to pruning and even removal services.

Our professionals only use industry-leading equipment that safely gets the job done right the first time. Did you know that keeping your trees and bushes looking excellent means they need to be healthy? We employ only the best arborists in the local area to keep close tabs on your trees and their overall health.

If there's a problem, you can count on our crew to find it. We specialize in disease treatment and management, trimming, and much more. You can keep the trees on your commercial property healthy and beautiful with one simple phone call. Will you make it?

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Why are Commercial Tree Care Services So Important?

Your business property tells a lot about you from the customer's standpoint. When you scraggly trees and shrubs outside of your business, it can set an undesirable tone. That's one reason why professional commercial tree care in Lexington is essential. Let's take a few other reasons why hiring a service like ours makes sense:

  • Safety Matters - If you need a tree removed or branches trimmed, safety equipment and experience come in handy. Our arborists have the right tools and expertise to get the job done right the first time effectively.
  • Time Saving - As a busy business owner, who has time to trim and prune bushes? Our crew will get your trees and shrubs healthy and looking great in a few hours.
  • Saves Money - We're an extremely affordable company. In fact, we offer the lowest rates in the local area. Plus, DIYers often run into issues that cost them way more than they ever intended to spend. That won't happen when you hire our company.
  • Disease Management - This is a big one! Sometimes, trees become infected with diseases. It takes the skilled training of an experienced arborist to pinpoint the problem and treat it accordingly before it spreads.
  • Tree Removal - We offer incredible tree and shrub removal services that are affordable, safe, and effective. Tree removal includes the tree, stump, and roots.

You can always count on our crew to leave your commercial property looking better than we found it. To learn more about our services, we encourage you to visit the company blog page for a host of information.

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Your Tree Aren't Going to Trim Themselves! Call Us Now for Expert Lexington Commercial Tree Services

Are you looking for a commercial tree cutter in Lexington, Kentucky, but haven't gotten around to calling someone yet? If you have a tree on your business property that's dead or hollow on the inside, we encourage you to make that call ASAP. Having a tree like that on your property is a liability and can harm your staff and customers.

Trees with overgrown branches can be problematic, too, as they can get tangled up in power lines or poke into the side of your building. How long has it been since you've had the tree roots on your property assessed? Are you sure they aren't plunging into your building's foundation?

Our arborists are experienced and prepared to take on all these issues and many more. The goal is to keep your commercial landscape looking gorgeous as well as safe. Have you scheduled your FREE consultation yet?


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Only Top-Rated Tree Services for Lexington Commercial Clients

Lexington Tree Cutting & Trimming Service has been around for decades. We have the proper knowledge necessary to take on any size tree. Whether your commercial landscape requires tree removal or shaping, you can count on us for a job well done 100% of the time. Did you know that we offer lot & land clearing?

If you're looking to expand your business property with new infrastructure, our company can quickly clear out trees, bushes, and brush in as little as one day. Our commercial tree care menu is plentiful and affordable.

You won't find better services from any other company in the local area, guaranteed. So, why not give us a chance today? You can reach us via phone, email, or our convenient online contact form. We're here to help you maintain the trees and shrubbery on your commercial property.



See what our customers have to say:
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"The Lexington Tree Service company did a great job! We had numerous small trees and shrubs we needed removed in the front yard. They gave us an affordable quote over the phone and provided same-week removal services. Very professional and quick to respond throughout the process. Would definitely recommend!"
- Paul M.

The BEST Tree Care Services in Lexington, KY

Lexington Tree Cutting & Trimming is your #1 source for keeping your residential and commercial landscapes looking amazing. We offer professional tree & stump removal, root assessment, tree disease management, and lot & land clearing services.

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We Nip Unruly Trees in the Bud...Literally!

Lexington Tree Cutting & Trimming Services rids your residential and commercial property of rotting trees, ugly stumps, wild shrubs, and more! We're here to serve YOU. Call us at (859) 251-2247
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