Professional Tree Removal Services in Lexington

Shouting "Timber!" in Lexington, KY is Our Favorite Part of Tree Removal

Thinking about cutting down your trees? Let us do it for you!

Nobody wants to take out a majestic tree that's been providing shade in your yard for years. However, sometimes, it is absolutely necessary to protect property and people from harm. Lexington Tree Cutting & Trimming Services is a company with decades of experience in the tree care industry.

We have all the right safety equipment, heavy-duty machinery, and industrial-grade tools to quickly and efficiently remove your trees. We know it can be tempting to cut your trees down on your own, but we strongly discourage this practice.

Tree removal is a dangerous business, and without the proper training, you can seriously injury yourself and cause thousands of dollars of damages. Give us a call so we can discuss your options. Our tree contractors will give you a FREE estimate, and with your blessing, we'll promptly get to work.

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Green Thumb Through Our Expert Tree Removal Services

Need Tree Removal in Lexington? We Can Help!

Do you have an old, rotting tree with a trunk so hollow that a spring breeze could knock it over? If so, you're in desperate need of tree removal services in Lexington, KY. A tree that is hanging on by a thread poses a serious danger to your family and property's well-being.

Our company used state-of-the-art tree removal equipment to quickly get old-timer trees out of your yard and away from your home. Our team can competently remove small wispy ferns to large oak trees. We know it is sometimes hard to part with an heirloom tree that your great-great-grandpa planted, but dying trees will only continue to deteriorate and cause problems.

In some cases, the longer a rotting tree is left to stand, the more expensive it becomes to remove because heavy-duty machinery like cranes need to be used to take it down safely. If you have a tree problem, please call us today so we can give you a FREE estimate and get your tree removal show on the road.

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When Precarious Tree Limbs Threaten Your Property; Call Us!

Tree cutting in Lexington is a necessary service that we offer. Quite often, trees grow out of control, and their limbs get tangled in electrical wires, threaten to poke through windows, and damage roofs & siding. You do not want a branch to crash through your living room window or take out the power lines leaving you and the rest of the block without power.

Our team of professional tree cutters will assess your situation and come up with a plan that will protect the tree and your property. Tree removal doesn't have to be an option simply because it has wild branches.

Using tools like chainsaws and axes, our crew will carefully cut away the sinister branches that threaten property damage. We use a bucket lift truck to reach the highest branches and other safety gear. This service is affordable and often quickly completed.

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Got Tree Roots? We'll Tear 'em Out & Remove Them! 

If you're serious about completely removing a tree, then you want the roots to be eradicated, too. Why? Because if the roots are left in the ground, a new tree will begin to sprout. Now, this can be a great thing for customers who are taking down a sick or rotted tree and want another to grow in its place, but not for those who want the tree gone forever.

Our technicians will grind away above ground stumps and roots using our professional grinding equipment. Upon completing this process, you'll have a trench that measures the stump's size, which we will backfill.

Should you have tree roots under your home or other buildings, we will remove them using manual tools to disturb the foundation. Are you ready to say goodbye to annoying tree roots? If so, get in touch with our team today!

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Lexington Limb & Branch Removal by Our Experienced Tree Care Techs

Tree branch removal in Lexington are a bit different than cutting or trimming. In this case, we'll be taking the branches completely off. There are numerous reasons for removing tree limbs. Let's take a look at some of the most common:

  • Low-hanging branches that interfere with gardening, lawn care, parking, etc.
  • Damaged limbs due to storms, insects, disease, or humans
  • Making yard maintenance easier
  • Preventing property damage

Most overgrown trees live for about 300 years and grow upwards of 75 feet. Low-hanging branches typically aren't a problem for the first few decades; however, you shouldn't wait to remove them until they become a nuisance. By that time, the branches are very large and costly to remove; plus, they may already be causing property damage. If you want to avoid all the headaches that come with out-of-control tree limbs and branches, we suggest you seek out professional removal services ASAP.

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Tree Stump Removal is a Piece of Cake for Our Lexington Pros

After a tree is removed, there is always a stump left. It's up to the customer whether they want this remnant removed or not; however, we highly recommend that it is ground away using our superior equipment. Stumps left to rot can be a nuisance because they are a tripping hazard, attract insects during the rotting phase, and even harbor small animals like snakes and raccoons.

Plus, having a stump in your yard or around your commercial property is an eyesore. Removing old stumps can definitely increase the curb appeal of your home. Did you know that rotting stumps can pose a danger to your lawn and nearby trees? Should the stump become infected or infested, the problem can spread.

Trying to mow the grass around a stump can be very difficult, too. Our team will use industry-leading methods for tree stump removal.

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Don't Let Wild & Untamed Shrubs Wreck Your Lexington Landscape!

Shrubs can be a beautiful thing when they are well-maintained and manicured, but sometimes, they grow out of control, and nothing you do seems to tame them. That is when Lexington Tree Removal Services steps in and handles the problem for you. Crazy shrubs are ugly, plain, and simple.

They can turn your beautiful lawn and garden into something out of a horror movie. Imagine a haunted house and what the landscape would look like; you probably aren't going for that look. Removing unruly shrubs makes your property look nicer and welcoming.

Using various hand tools, our technicians will remove your shrubs and their roots. Don't worry; we are arborists, so we can easily identify the surrounding plants and vegetation that need to stay and won't harm them. Call us now for a FREE shrub removal in Lexington.

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Commercial Tree Removal Services for Your Business

Lexington Tree Cutting & Trimming Services is available to commercial property owners. We are passionate about removing dangerous, rotting trees, unruly branches, and ugly stumps and shrubs from your commercial spaces. As a business owner, we understand the importance of keeping your commercial property safe and inviting.

Whatever tree-related issue you have, our technicians will solve it using advanced hand-tools, equipment, and machinery. We also offer full-scale lot and land clearing for that new parking lot or building you intend to put up. Visit our blog to learn more about commercial tree services in Lexington.

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"The Lexington Tree Service company did a great job! We had numerous small trees and shrubs we needed removed in the front yard. They gave us an affordable quote over the phone and provided same-week removal services. Very professional and quick to respond throughout the process. Would definitely recommend!"
- Paul M.

Local Lexington Tree Removal Service Areas

Our company enjoys making residential and commercial spaces look great by using industry-leading methods that work! We gladly open our services to the Kentucky neighborhoods of Nicholasville, Winchester, Richmond, Georgetown, and Frankfort, KY. If you live or work in or around these areas, we invite you to call us today for the best tree removal services you'll ever have.

We Nip Unruly Trees in the Bud...Literally!

Lexington Tree Cutting & Trimming Services rids your residential and commercial property of rotting trees, ugly stumps, wild shrubs, and more! We're here to serve YOU. Call us at (859) 251-2247
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