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"The Lexington Tree Service company did a great job! We had numerous small trees and shrubs we needed removed in the front yard. They gave us an affordable quote over the phone and provided same-week removal services. Very professional and quick to respond throughout the process. Would definitely recommend!"
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Professional tree services in Lexington, KY, is our second nature. For decades, Lexington Tree Cutting & Trimming Services has been shaping, trimming, pruning, and keeping trees and shrubs healthy. When the time comes to remove a tree or clear an entire lot, we use meticulous methods that ensure all property around the trees stays intact and untouched. Our Lexington tree service company is to keep you and your buildings safe, which is why we've invested in industry-leading tools and equipment.

Each of our skilled and experienced arborists is ISA certified. These technicians know the biology and science of trees, shrubs, and their varying species. One might think it is an easy task to treat a diseased tree, but we assure you there are a rhyme and rhythm to proper tree care. Even a simple DIY trim can seriously damage a young tree or bush, resulting in its early demise or, at the very least, making it look really funny and decreasing the curb appeal of your landscape.

Our top priority at Lexington Tree Cutting & Trimming Services is to keep your trees and shrubs looking pristine through advanced trimming and pruning methods. If you have a rotted tree that needs removing or an entire lot cleared, our team is the crew to call. We work quickly, efficiently, and most of all, affordably.

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Superior Tree Service in Lexington, KY

Are you in need of local tree service in Lexington? If so, we've got what you're looking for! From lot and land clearing to tree care, our arborists know how to tackle any tree-related situation with gusto. We're waiting for your call

Prompt Tree Removal

Sometimes, trees rot, die, and become hazards to humans and houses. When that happens, our team at Lexington Tree Removal services will swoop in and save the day using our cutting-edge equipment and methods. We're here for you & quickly provide tree removal in Lexington!

Advanced Tree Care

Just like people, trees require a visit to the doctor from time to time. Only their doctors are called "arborists," and we have an entire fleet of them on our team. Offering treatments and remedies for sick trees that are known to work. Provide the tree care your greenery needs!

Heavy-Duty Land Clearing

Are you looking to build a new home or office? Perhaps, the lot near your property is filled with unruly trees, bushes, and shrubs, and you want it cleaned up. We offer affordable land clearing options in Lexington using high-tech excavators and more.

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You're always at the forefront of our business. From the moment you initiate service with our team until we grind the last stump in your yard, you'll always be kept in the loop because we are a fully transparent tree service & removal company.

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The first step to getting high-quality, affordable tree care in Lexington, KY, is to call or email or staff. Tell us what your tree needs are, and we'll briefly discuss what we have to offer. From there, we'll put you on our schedule so we can come out to your property and see what the best plan of action is for your trees.
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During your consultation, we will discuss what type of tree services you are needing. Whether it be complete land clearing or treatment for sick trees, our expert arborists will develop a plan that works. Once we determine what needs to be done, our technician will give you a FREE, no-obligation estimate.
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The day your tree service is scheduled for, we will promptly arrive and go over the plan of action with you once more. If you feel comfortable with proceeding, our crew will get started. We work fast and efficiently because we know you want to see results NOW! Once finished, you'll be nothing less than impressed.

Lexington Tree Service FAQs

If you've never had professional tree services before, it's only natural that you have questions. Check out our FAQ section below. If you can't find an answer, we invite you to visit our blog, which is chock full of leafy green resources.

How much does it cost to take down a tree?

Most tree removal jobs cost between $400 & $1200. It truly depends on the size of the tree, it's location, and the equipment needed to make the removal. In extreme cases, tree removal can cost upwards of $2000.

Is it cheaper to trim or tree or cut it down?

Tree trimming performed by a licensed arborist typically costs between $400 & $800, so it is more affordable to trim and prune versus a complete cut-down, especially if the tree is healthy and in a convenient location.

When is the best time of year to remove a tree?

The best time to cut a tree down is usually in the fall and winter months when wildlife is less active. During the spring and summer, small animals and birds make nests in trees. Disturbing these little animal homes is never a good idea unless tree removal is absolutely imminent.

More About Our Expert Lexington Tree Cutting & Trimming Services

Our professional tree service in Lexington enjoys enlightening our customers on what it is that we do and how we do it. Tree removal, tree care, and land clearing are our passion, and we strive to perfectly execute these services so that your faith in our company remains unshaken.

Fast & Affordable Tree Cutting Service in Lexington, Kentucky for Commercial & Residential Customers

Once your tree is removed, you probably don't want it lying around your yard or in front of your business. Lexington Tree Cutting & Trimming Services will gladly cut up the wood for you to be used at your discretion, or we can haul it away using our industrial-sized trucks.

Our team utilizes chainsaws, hand saws, and other equipment to quickly and efficiently get your newly fallen tree chopped and cleaned up. We specialize in cutting trees that have fallen onto houses, power lines, and other structures. Are you in need of 24/7 emergency tree cutting service? Call us right now!
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tree root removal for a large tree in lexington

Professional Lexington Tree Root Removal

When you require complete tree removal services, it is imperative that the roots go, too. If not, the tree you just removed will slowly start to grow again. We use excavation equipment and other tools to remove all above and below ground tree roots. What is left is a trench about the size of the tree trunk, which we will backfill, so there is no hole left.

In some cases, tree roots grow under homes or threaten sewer lines and underground gas pipes. With the help of concrete masonries, electricians, and gas experts, our technicians will carefully remove the sinister tree roots and stop them from damaging your property. If you'd like to know more about tree root removal in Lexington, please visit our blog.

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Are Tree Limbs & Branches Becoming a Nuisance?

As trees age, they continue to grow. After a few decades, the limbs and branches can become unruly if they are not properly trimmed. In extreme cases, branches that threaten to poke through a window or get tangled up in power lines may need to be completely removed.

If you have a tree that is growing too close for comfort to your property, our company can help remedy the issue by removing the problematic branches. We have arborists on our team who are ISA certified and know exactly how and where to make the cut so that the rest of your tree is unscathed.
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tree limb & branch removal in lexington
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Advanced Stump Removal Keeps Your Lexington Property Safe & Looking Great 

After a tree is professionally removed or falls down on its own, a stump is always left in its wake. We highly recommend the removal of the stump by an experienced and licensed technician. Stumps create trip & fall hazards, attract insects, and don't look that great in your yard. 

As part of our tree service in Lexington, we offer expert stump removal services using advanced methods like grinding and manual tools to get the job done right the first time. Once your stump is removed, we'll clean up the debris and leave your lawn looking pristine. Are you ready to schedule your FREE stump removal consultation & estimate?


Reliable Shrub Removal: Another Tree Service in Lexington

Ornamental shrubs can be an enjoyable part of your commercial or residential landscape, but they can become unruly and untamed when they are neglected. Nothing looks worse than a wild-looking shrub in the front of your home. Talk about a decrease in curb appeal!

Lexington Tree Cutting & Trimming Services offer shrub trimming, shaping, and total shrub removal. No matter the route you choose to go, we guarantee you'll love the results as our eager arborists are exceptionally good at what they do. Get in touch with our crew today to schedule an appointment.
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commercial tree planting service lexington

You Can Count on Our Lexington Commercial Tree Services 

Keeping your commercial property looking great begins with high-quality landscaping. We offer a variety of tree care services that range from tree removal to planting. We want your business to look welcoming. The first thing your clients should see when arriving at your property are lines of well-manicured shrubs and inviting trees.

Should you want to build your commercial buildings and parking lots from the ground up, you'll probably need land clearing services. We'll remove trees, shrubs, brush, and wild grass using our excavation equipment to clear the area completely. Would you like to learn more about our commercial tree service in Lexington? Call our team today!


Lexington Tree Services are in Your Neighborhood!

Finding a great arborist who offers affordable prices can be hard to find! However, Lexington Tree removal services have made it easy by expanding our business to more areas. If you see your community listed below, please call us now to set up a consultation for a FREE estimate for tree services in your Kentucky area!

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Got Tree Problems in Lexington? 
We'll Trim Them!

Lexington Tree Cutting & Trimming Services is here to make healthy trees and shrubs look great and remove hazardous branches and limbs from your property. Tell us what you need!  Call us at (859) 251-2247
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